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Webtools - Word Cloud Generator is a free online tool for generating beautiful word cloud, word art and tag cloud in multiple languages.

What is a Word Cloud?

Word Cloud is a powerful data visualisation tool. A word cloud is basically a collection of words and symbols depicted in different sizes and colours. The bigger and bolder a word appears, the more often it is mentioned within a given text and the more relevant it is. This format is useful for forming a summary by quickly identifying the prominent ideas.

Webtools - Online Word Cloud Generator

Webtools - Online Word Cloud Generator is an easy to use word cloud generation tool. It helps you create word cloud in multiple languages. You can embed unicode symbols along with text in your word cloud to beautify your creation. You can customize every bit of your word art ranging from; words, fonts, colour schemes, layouts, word padding and more. You can also export and import your project to collaborate with your colleagues and friends.

You can use "Webtools - Online Word Cloud Generator" to easily produce a summary of large documents, to create word art on a topic or occasion.

How to Create a Word Cloud?

"Webtools - Online Word Cloud Generator" is an easy to use utility. Follow below simple steps to generate your own unique word cloud.

  • Step 1. Data Preparation. "Input" tab provides two ways to prepare data for your word cloud. "Data" submenu within "Input" tab is the most powerful way for preparing data. This option allows you to enter words in tabular form. Using this option you can add both multilingual text and unicode characters. "Text" submenu gives you an option of uploading free flow text. Once text is uploaded, you can use "Data" submenu to further refine the data.
  • Step 2. Word Cloud Customization. "Settings" tab provides options to change canvas size, layout, colour schemes, text orientation, font weight, padding and more. "Export / Import" submenu will help you in exporting and importing your word cloud project.
  • Step 3. Generate Word Cloud. "WordCloud" tab gives you option for generating word cloud and downloading word cloud image.

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