REST API Client is a simple free online RESTful web services client that helps you access, develop and test RESTful web services/APIs. REST API Client supports all HTTP Request methods, multipart/form-data, application/x-www-form-urlencoded, raw and binary request body.

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Online REST API Client

RESTful APIs are now present everywhere - simplifying the interaction between software components, but at the same time they are getting complex day by day with different types of HTTP methods, headers, cookies, binary file uploads or authentication with api keys, tokens, and so much more. This is where the "Webtools - REST API Client" tool comes in handy. "Webtools - REST API Client" has an intuitive interface. It helps you quickly create a request with the required HTTP method and parameters, submit the request and inspect the response.


  • Browser based utility so no software installation required.
  • Easy to use intuitive interface.
  • Supports all HTTP requests types - GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, PATCH, DELETE.
  • Build complex RESTful API requests with queryparameters, headers, multipart/form-data, binary file upload etc.
  • It is free.

Design Considerations

  • Webtools REST API Client use XMLHTTPRequest object to invoke REST web-services.
  • Webtools REST API Client do not override values of request headers like Host, Origin, Referer, User-Agent.
  • Webtools REST API Client can access REST web-services only through HTTPS protocol.
  • Webtools REST API Client can access only "Cross-Origin Requests (CORS)" enabled REST web-services.
  • Webtools REST API Client by default encodes parameter values. You can change this behaviour from Settings tab in Request section.

External Links

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